Why in the hamfat do I spend time writing a blog?

I was thinking about that question this morning and decided to blog about it. Lmbo!!! I have been blogging waaaay before it was even called blogging. My writing journey started in 8th grade at Arroyo High School in San Lorenzo, CA way back when school was safe and fun. (that’s another blog) I was going through a challenging time in my life as all young girls do at that age, so I decided to write. I wrote poems that expressed my pain and confusion at that time. I wrote I wrote, I wrote. It so happened I gave my writings to my favorite English teacher Ms. Everitt to read and give me feedback. (Great teachers are never forgotten) Her encouragement helped me to continue writing and inspire those that read what I wrote.

I blog to release what I have on the inside.

I blog to create a story of hope.

I blog to inspire.

I blog to heal.

I blog to bring courage to my readers.

I blog for you.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

p.s Follow me in Twitter @toi_potts

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