Rise and shine!! Today is your day!! Personally, I didn’t wake up feeling like “Woohooo let’s take on the world” today. I literally had to pray and encourage myself. Life is hard and has so many challenges that sometimes it seems too hard to handle. Today I want to encourage you to DON’T QUIT. Don’t give up! Don’t stop believing! Don’t throw in the towel. Why? Because the future needs you. You matter! Your life matters! Your talents and gifts matter. If the job didn’t work out, get another one. If the marriage is on the rocks FIND A WAY TO SAVE IT. Remember WHY you love them. If the business is failing, take a step back and rethink the plan. There is always tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow oh how I love thee. Lmbo!!! Tomorrow is great for planning but TODAY is what we have. If you’re a Christian, pull on the power of the Spirit of God that is in you and KEEP MOVING FORWARD. If you don’t know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, maybe just maybe, it’s time to have a little talk with Jesus.
Don’t give up my friend, the road tends to smooth out after a while.
Much love,
Beautiful Black Cat

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