Can I trust you with the real me?

Are you able to hold my heart in your hands and not mishandle it?

Probably not!

We are imperfect humans and are going to hurt other humans more than we care to admit. The real question would be, are you ready to deal with the fear that grips your heart. The fear of loving unconditionally. The fear of forgiving and moving on. The fear of being rejected. Trust boils down to the fear we chose to hold onto.

I was driving and thinking the other day while coming home. While waiting for the light to change I was at the stoplight and saw myself handing my heart over to Gods hands. However, I didn’t do it just once, I did it over and over again. You can’t just say I trust you and leave it at that. It’s a continual action that will strengthen you from the inside out. We must learn that before we can trust another person, we need to trust God who will never let us down.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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