Waiting can be a hard thing to do when time seems to stand still. In our minds, we sit down and wait. We wait for that promotion to come through. We wait for the conception of a new addition to the family to form. We wait for love to return in our hearts. We wait. We wait. We wait. Here’s the question of the day, what are we doing while we’re waiting? Are we becoming anxious? Are we just sitting around until something happens? Well, I challenge you to live while your waiting. Take a deep breath and chose to do something in your wait. Write a book. Learn a new skill. Enjoy your loved ones. Make new friends. Travel to an unknown destination. Just don’t sit there and let life pass you by while you wait.

While I wait I choose to live.

While I wait I understand timing is everything.

In my wait life will be lived.

In my wait I will embrace the challenge fearlessly.

In my wait I will learn to love myself.

Much love

Beautiful Black Cat

p.s. Follow me on Twitter @toi_potts

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