So many times we want doors to open in our lives to make things easier. The open door of that new job, a new relationship or that new place to live all seem wonderful to obtain. Buuut, when those doors close we tend to focus on the opportunity, lost instead of the blessing gained.

I’ll use the close door of a relationship for example(hey I’m still single so that’s the main one for me-LMBO) When I look back at the men that broke my heart or didn’t love me, I must smile and say…… YAAAAAS DODGED THAT BULLET. They were not Gods best for me and God knew it. From those relationships, I learned a lot about myself and what makes ME tick. I learned about my own faults and shortcomings, that allow me to become a better me. Closed doors are the bomb because they bring, wisdom, insight, and growth. Don’t despise closed doors…. They are a blessing in disguise.


As I struggle to push open the door that was shut in my face

My strength slowly drains from my very being

As I slowly slide down into the fetal position of defeat

I ask why…..

In my defeat, I hear my answer resound within me loud and clear

Because GOD LOVES ME!!

Because of His unyielding love for me the door closed, the future misery has been avoided

My strength is renewed and my joy overflowing because that closed door actually SAVED MY LIFE

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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