Today I took some time for me and only me. As a single mom, I have to fight for balance in my life. From work to homeschooling my twin boys my life is full. I am in a season of focusing on becoming a better me. Tonight I decided to hit Starbucks, walk in the park, and just chill. I ordered my venti caramel frapp and the cashier said: “It’s Happy Hour so your drink is half off”. Yal know I was happier than a pig in slop. Lmbo!! When I walked over to the park I saw a young lady that I used to teach years ago at vacation bible school learning how to roller skate with her friend. I saw couples enjoying life together. I saw parents enjoying their children. I saw life happening all around me. I sat down and just took it all in. I took a minute to listen to life. I heard laughter, I heard joy, I heard life. We can miss the little things in life because of what we choose to listen to. Take some time to have your own Happy Hour and just listen to what life is saying.

Life speaks, can you hear it

It’s laughter from a friend

It’s joy in the air

Life speaks can you hear it

Take a minute or two

Slow down and hear

Life is sweet

Life is gentle

Life is meant to be lived

Life is speaking can you hear it

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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