I am very content and confident in my singlehood however I’m learning how to yield myself to the will of God. (easier said than done ) As I’m on this journey, I am learning a lot about myself and where I’m at on the inside. I always say, start with the person in the mirror. LOL. The thought of loving a man was far far far away because I had no need for a relationship. Now don’t get it twisted I love the fellas however I was not interested in becoming involved romantically with one. Recently I had to ask myself …WHY?

Why was it so hard to let go and love again? Why was I hiding behind the curtain of singlehood? Why did I dismiss the thought of relationship? It boiled down to TRUST. I didn’t trust someone with my heart. My heart had been broken into so many pieces that it was easier to pick up the pieces and not trust anyone with them again. In a relationship, we have to trust the other person to a certain extent with ourselves. The reason for this blog is to propose a question to myself as well as my readers. Are you ready to trust again? Are you ready to love again? Are you ready to pick up the pieces of your shattered heart and create a beautiful mosaic? For me, there are four answers. …YES… THANK YOU…AMEN…and HALLELUJAH.

Today is a new day. Today is the beginning of a new journey. Today let’s let go and TRUST AGAIN.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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