This morning I was involved in an automobile accident. Someone lost control of his car, ran over the median and hit my driver’s side. BAM!! In the past few days, God has had His angels protecting me and my children in so many ways. As I lay down in my home, waiting for the tow truck to come get my car, I can’t help but to say THANK YOU JESUS. Thank you for allowing me and my children to walk away from this accident. Thank you for the means to take care of my loss. Thank you for an awesome boss. Thank you for a praying family. Thank you for praying friends.

As a Christian, I understand what’s really going on and the enemy is totally defeated. I’m resting physically but spiritually something is brewing on the inside. Understand that you are on planet earth for a purpose and YOUR LIFE MATTERS. You are the apple of God’s eye and He absolutely loves you.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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