I made a personal decision to get some ink done on my inner right arm. Since then I was told it was an abomination and so much more. I am a Christian and I love Jesus with all my being however some of my family in Christ made me start to second guess my personal decision. Well I know that whether I have ink or not my soul is saved. The reason for this blog is to share an encounter I had at my job. I work in a community where the young mom’s struggle with abuse, drugs, mental illness etc. On one occasion one of my mom’s saw my ink and said…”Ma, you got some ink?” My response was “Baby get a tardy”. This opened up an opportunity to share the love of God with a young lady who normally wouldn’t be so open.

I’m seen as a light in the darkness even more because they can relate to my ink and I can share my heart has be touched by the blood of Jesus Christ. So….

Does my ink disturb you?

Does the mark on my skin distract you from the person I am?

My heart has been washed by the blood of Christ

My soul has been saved by the sacrifice of a loving Savior

The ink on my skin doesn’t take away from the joy in my heart

If my ink disturbs you……… I say please don’t judge this book by its cover because the story is still being written.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

p.s. Follow me on Twitter @toi_potts

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